Human Resources

Human Resources Vision
• Hiring, training, performance assessment, career planning, salary management and employee satisfaction, contemporary human resource practices, such as to fulfill all requirements.
• The team likely to run, open to development, innovative and creative candidate to win in our organization.
• To improve the performance of our employees personal and professional development to support the training and development needs identified by providing professional development opportunities. • Value creation, the firm commitment and motivation of highly accurate high-initiative employees are using to create the appropriate career opportunities.

Human Resources Mission
• Corporate values, goals and ethical policies in the light of action creates the work, qualified labor force is preferred to become a company and I work constantly kılmak.Her make a value the qualified manpower to provide the competitive advantage.

Recruitment and Placement
New work will be defined according to the Business of people in the area of qualified and competent people to build our company vision, mission, goals and culture is the main purpose is appropriate. Performance management targets in line with employees' duties to determine what extent do the strengths and weaknesses are identified and, for lack of resolve of the entire work.
Assessment results, to determine employees' training and development needs, career planning and preparation of fee applications will play an important role. Performance management, between employees and managers are a powerful communication tool.

Training programs in determining our growth strategies and business objectives, key priorities and performance results are the major source that is useful. Education is the main purpose to provide equal opportunities to staff.
Career Management for Development and rotation of personnel will be needed within the company allows you to reach top positions. Career plans, employees have the knowledge, skills and competencies will be prepared as compatible. Human Resources

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