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A new era at Antalya Airport ...

Antalya Airport to manage the food & beverage companies Food and Beverage Services Tourism Industry and Trade ictur Inc.  Ibrahim Cecen  Investment Holding Co., the airport in "Via" to mark the start of a new era was at the signing.

In Turkey, most of the passengers outside the line late in the Antalya airport service quality, an alternative food and beverage concepts that make a difference to the İçtur, followed by the pricing policy has a real transformation.
Bangkok, 27 June 2008 - IC Ibrahim Cecen Investment Holding Co., Antalya airport is set up to manage the food & beverage companies Food and Beverage Services Tourism ictur Inc. 's and "Via" brand by the establishment of the official explanation, launched a new era in airport.

Goal: To grow rapidly in Turkey and abroad.

Antalya airport in a ceremony organized by Via Ictur and to promote the brand IC Holding, the new brand is the target audience on the move of the airport, harbor, marina, motorways, train station and shopping centers growing in Turkey and abroad is looking to be an organization As announced.

Was 30 percent cheaper prices.

Antalya airport in the May 3 start to serve the ictur appropriate pricing policy, modern and comfortable design of food and beverage facilities, customer-oriented service concept, high-quality products, the international hygiene standards, trained staff, aware of and sensitive to environmental differences already revealed . Antalya Airport to the new era with the start of the prices are cheaper than the minimum 30 per cent, İçtur, 25 different points of their own brand at the beginning "Via" to be, 16 sub-let brands is the service.

IC power, and get support.
Operation in Antalya International Airport Terminal 1 and Domestic Terminal since May 2008.Operating in Antalya Airport International Terminal 2 since September 2009.
Total operasting period for 17 years in Antalya Airport.

Number of outlets;
Terminal 1/ 10   outlet
Terminal 1/5 sub-let brands
Terminal 2 / 12   outlet
Terminal 2/ 5 sub-let brands
Domestic Terminal  3 / outlet
Domestic Terminal 6 / sub-let brands

Establish Market Pax.no.in.mio:
Antalya International Terminal 1      3.412,509
Antalya International Terminal 2      4.447,463
Antalya Domestic  Terminal             1.539,551
Total departing pax. est. 2009        9.483,523

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